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Purchasing A Home

Purchasing a home is a milestone most people dream of; our team is here to help make that dream a reality. We are a group of highly experienced mortgage professionals operating in a team environment to ensure we secure the best possible financing options for our clients, while maintaining equally high standards with regard to communication and client involvement.

Unlike larger mortgage companies that use a standard process for every client, we create a custom loan program specifically tailored to meet all of your unique lending needs. Whenever you’re ready to start your journey towards becoming a homeowner, Molitor Financial Group is here to help.

Though every loan is tailored to the individual, the purchase process has general steps that are consistent across the board. We start with an initial consultation where we sit down and talk through your unique situation. We determine what financing you qualify for, and generate a corresponding pre-approval. This outlines, in general terms, what you can afford and gives you the “green light” to make an offer once you find a home. After deciding upon a property, negotiations with the seller and their agents take place. If they accept your offer, you go under contract. After sending us your signed contract, we then generate the initial disclosures, outlining your rights as a consumer in the housing market. Once you read through the disclosures and sign them, we submit your file to underwriting for review. It is also at this point that we order the appraisal, which assigns a fair market value to the property. Once the underwriter reviews the file and clears any follow up conditions, they grant the final approval. This is the last step in the loan approval process, meaning we have been given the clear-to-close. We are then able schedule the closing and you can move in to your new home.