Pre-Approve Your Own Clients:

One of the main obstacles that realtors face is getting their clients pre-approved in a timely manner. We believe that we’ve solved that problem. We give realtors the ability to pre-approve their own clients at any time. Simply follow the steps below and watch our instructional video.



1. Request for a “Realtor Partner” Floify account to be created for you by clicking HERE

2. We will then enter you into our system and create an account for you

3. You will receive a “welcome email” inviting you to our Partner Portal

4. You can send out our questionnaire to your client by sharing our app

5. We connect your account to the client’s so they show up in your "pipeline"

6. We analyze the file, pull credit and determine what your client qualifies for

7. We set parameters for you to base your pre-approval upon

8. For any scenario that fits within our pre-set parameters, you can instantly generate a property specific pre-approval


How It Works: